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Pat's Thai Kitchen


I recently identified my idea of comfort in a cold Singha, fresh and authentic fare, and the company of a good dining partner. Pat's Thai Kitchen is a perfect excuse to slip out of the chain restaurant cliché and into the newest Thai food phenomena Boise has to offer.

Don't let their pseudo strip-mall location fool you. Upon entering Pat's Thai Kitchen, I found attractive ambiance and accommodating décor. My party and I were promptly welcomed and seated, and after carefully examining their large and extensive menu, we decided to start our meal off with the fried shrimp wonton. The orange peel sauce that accompanied it called for serious self-discipline when I realized that I could have made an entire meal out of the appetizer.

As a main course, we ordered a variety of dishes. The prik king was a mildly spicy green bean stir fry with a curry base and hints of galanga and lemon grass. The dish was recommended with shrimp and it was quite possibly the richest and most flavorful green bean experience I have had.

The pad Thai was tasty, as most pad Thai usually is. It was recommended with mild spice and it gave me a whole new appreciation of the traditional dish that I have been ordering for years. The pad woo sen consisted of lightly textured glass noodles, mixed vegetables, egg and a choice of meat or tofu. It was light and simple, but I recommend ordering it mild or medium. Regular was a little bland, but nothing a dash of Thai spice couldn't fix.

The highlight of the meal was the Spicy Basil entree. When we told our waitress that we would like it spiced hot, she looked at us as if we were lunatics, laughed and asked "Are you sure?"

In all of my years of spicy food experience, this was by far the most exceptional. The heat was intense, yet flavorful and enjoyable. The steamed white rice came in handy but I had to lovingly throw in the chopsticks after my fifth or sixth bite and leave the remnants to my daring dining partner.

The price-to-quality ratio is above average and the menu is extensive, catering to both vegetarians and the vast majority of carnivorous connoisseurs. The kind and knowledgeable wait staff were descriptive in their explanations of all of the dishes I inquired about and I was notably impressed with their recommendations. Not only have I been back since for round two, but several more rounds are sure to come.

--Lauren Tweedy is a Thai food snob and owns more chopsticks than silverware.