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Patriot Exercises Freedom To Break Law


Why does this man like the USA so much? Because in our country, when you walk into a Key Bank at closing time and demand cash, they'll give it to you. Local police would love to have a chat with the man about his interpretation of the laws of the land he loves, and are asking for your help. He is described as in his 40s, 6 feet, 180 pounds, medium build, with short brown hair and all black clothes.

Bambi Vs. Buick

Ryan James Caples needs some lessons on Christmas mythology. Rather than stuff the stockings with care on Christmas Eve and wait for a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, Caples got all nogged up two weeks before Christmas and carelessly stuffed a full-sized deer in the trunk of his own sleigh.

According to a story in the Coeur d'Alene Press, Kootenai County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Duncan responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle near the town of Hayden at about 6:15 a.m. on December 11. He found 20-year-old Caples trying to get his 1991 Buick out of a ditch ... and a few opened and unopened containers of beer inside the car. But even more suspiciously, Duncan heard a knock-knock-knocking coming from the trunk.

'Twas not the ghost of Christmas present in the trunk. 'Twas a live deer with two broken legs, which Caples said his friend "Travis" had struck while driving the car--and while Caples was riding shotgun. Caples said Travis fled after he crashed the car into the ditch, leaving Caples behind. Apparently officer Duncan thought Travis was about as real as you-know-who, because the deputy arrested Caples on suspicion of drunk driving.