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Past, present and future--minus the ghosts


Welcome to the final edition of 2011.

These are the moments when it feels like the pressure is really on to say something profound in this space. To reflect on the stuff so good other media outlets stole it without crediting us (feral pigs, ahem ... KTVB), the stuff we got wrong (le sigh, GBAD's tax status), the stuff so good we plan to continue our reporting on it in 2012 (the use of banned drugs in Idaho's dairy herds), and the stuff so ridiculous it put the "alt" in "alt newsweekly" (pick one: our comic on China's Idaho land grab or last week's holiday mug shots).

These are the moments when it seems appropriate to look to the future and tell you what you can expect from Boise Weekly in 2012, but to be honest, we're really not that big on planning. What we do have figured out is what you can expect from the first few issues of the year. Next week is the 10th annual Fiction 101 contest, the result of which will be a big, fat cash prize for one talented writer and slightly smaller cash prizes for several runners-up. And because writers must not only be good at writing but must also be good at delivering public readings these days, the winners of Fiction 101 will read their pieces First Thursday, Jan. 5, at 7 p.m. at Rediscovered Bookshop. Also opening up 2012 editorially is a piece from Carissa Wolf about the benefits and criticisms of a therapeutic community at one Idaho women's prison.

Here in the present, in this week's issue, we're revisiting the last 12 months in local politics. It's our annual Spuds and Duds issue, the time every year when we take a few minutes to tell our elected officials just how we really feel about the way they're doing their jobs. And since we can't cover it all, and I'm sure you have a few Spuds or Duds you'd like to bestow upon a deserving public servant, send me a letter to the editor with your suggestions or log on to boiseweekly.com and leave a comment at the end of Bill Cope's Spuds and Duds.

And have a happy new year.