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Cancelled: Party With the Stars at Bogus Basin

Saturday, June 25 at Bogus Basin


Ever wanted a non-stalker reason to stare through a telescope late on a Saturday night? Now you have one.

All space voyeurs have been invited to the stargazing party at the Frontier Point Lodge at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area on Saturday, June 25, when everyone is free to ogle heavenly bodies without shame.

The Boise Astronomical Society's press release encourages folks to bring "a date ... your family ... scout troop ... youth group ... anyone interested in a fun outdoor adventure away from the valley 'light pollution!'" While we're not quite sure why they surrounded light pollution with irony quotes, we have a good idea of what direction they're heading (hint: a dark, wooded area outside city limits).

You can bring the scope you use at home to the star party, but they'll also have a variety of high-powered viewing devices set up. Everybody will be eyeing moon curves (waxing fans beware--it'll be a waning crescent on the June 25). But if you get there at the right time, you can catch a peek of the sun, albeit, stripped bare of all those blinding rays to reveal the hot stuff taking place beneath. Because the sun is hot.

Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to bring a jacket or blankets. Everyone is also reminded to park so that their headlights will face away from the more self-conscious 'scopers.