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Party Foul on Victory Road


When stretched over a toilet bowl before a dinner party, Saran Wrap connotes pure hilarity. When wrapped around your wifey-poo, it's supposedly (though why is anyone's guess) a shortcut to reviving marital canoodling and putting some lead in your pencil. But when some waggish scoundrel wrapped a great wall of plastic across the intersection of Victory Road and Bedford Street last Friday, Boise Police found the prank neither amusing nor titillating. They called it a "dangerous road hazard."

Friday was the second time that officers have encountered intersectual Saranation (as it henceforth shall be known) at that exact location. Both times, drivers in full-sized cars drove through the barrier with a resounding snap--exactly what the perpetrator intended. However, the police department was quick to point out in a news release that the intended victim only drove through the barrier by chance; it could just as easily have been a cyclist, a motorcyclist or a low-flying hang-glider, and THEN YOU PROBABLY WOULDN'T BE SNICKERIN', WOULDJA, PUNK? WELL, NEITHER WOULD THE JUDGE.

If you know who wrapped up Victory, police urge you to make your chum into a local celebrity by reporting him or her to CrimeStoppers at 208-343-COPS. To see a drawing of Superman getting stuck in the Saran Wrap at Victory and Bedford, visit True Crime online at