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Parties and Rumors


Boise Weekly celebrated with the honorees of Best of Boise on Saturday. The folks at Tapas Estrella did a bang-up job for us. The food was excellent, and it was the perfect venue for our afternoon celebration. Art Hodge spun great tunes and Minerva Jayne was our mistress of ceremonies, handing out the first place readers' choice awards. Due to everyone's efforts, we pulled it off and everyone had a splendid time. Most people appreciate being included in our version of what makes Boise great. But one thing is for sure: You have to keep your sense of humor.

I continue to be surprised everyday by things. The latest surprise comes at a perfect time. Who likes to be the subject of rumors and gossip? Not me, but I guess we all get our turn in the fire. So, just to set the record straight, I am a person of high integrity and loyalty, I am a loving, devoted mother, and I do imbibe spirits as a means of relaxing and enjoying an increasingly stressful world. For those of you who disagree, who do not have children or perhaps do not face the amount of stress I do, well, good for you. You are very fortunate to already be perfect. Personally, I don't want or need your respect. Nor will you have mine any more. I look forward to watching the imbroglio that ensues, you humbugs.