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Outside In for Parrilla

Hyde Park's best little burrito and beer joint will close the first of October. Ha, just kidding. Actually Parrilla will just look like it's closed as it undergoes an itsy-bitsy outdoor remodel to winterize the patio before the cold weather hits. While a retractable skylight-thing (yes, that's a technical term) is installed outside, the patio will close for about two weeks. The inside—which was recently remodeled itself—will remain open. When the new and improved enclosed patio reopens, it will be heated for the winter, but since the skylight-thing (again with technical terms) is retractable, when summer rolls back around, you'll be able to enjoy an outdoor patio once again.

Parrilla, 1512 N. 13th St., 208-323-4688

Harry's Reopens in Meridian

The flagship location of Harry's originally opened in downtown Meridian and spent 12 years (including one as the reigning champ of BW's Boise's Coldest Beer Contest) as one of the 'burb's most popular joints until its owners lost their lease on the building in May 2006. Since then, the owners of Harry's have been biding their time, waiting to find a choice location in which to reopen while regulars kept their fingers crossed that their favorite hang-out would reopen at all. However, co-owner Steve Youngerman says there were never any doubts for him that Harry's would find a new place to call home."We established what we thought was a good reputation," says Youngerman. "And so we just kept looking for a spot until we found a location at the Majestic Theater." In August, Harry's reopened in its new location, and Youngerman says one of the best things about the move (aside from being in a new building because, says Youngerman, even though they loved the old building, "you can only put so much makeup on a pig") is seeing all the regulars again.

"They were jonesing for Reubens and bacon cajun ranches," laughs Youngerman. "One of the things we really like is our good food, and we've maintained that [in our new location], and it's how our regulars remember it." The upgraded location is darn near the only change, though. Same great pub-fare menu and all the Harry pictures and posters, and next summer, diners can expect to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

Harry's, 2032 E. Overland Rd., 208-888-9868

City Grill is Open

The wait is over. City Grill opened Wednesday at 199 N. 8th St.