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Park Your Scooter Already

City to grant scooters free parking


The diminutive gangs of scooter punks will have their day. After a bit of dedicated inquiry from scooter riders in Boise, the city will allow the popular motorized two-wheelers free parking for the summer. In two different places that ordinarily accommodate a car's worth of parking, Mayor Dave Bieter and the city's parking division have created space for three or four scooters or motorcycles. One spot is at 5th and Main Streets, and the other is at 8th and Bannock Streets. The new free scooter parking is a test, said Bieter spokesman Michael Zuzel, that will allow the city to see just how much, and how well, the spaces are used.

The summerlong test came after scooter riders complained that it was silly not to allow their smaller vehicles to share the car-sized parking spaces that now dominate downtown.

"It seems like a no-brainer, but but we'd never had the request before," Zuzel said.

The no-brainer came from the brain of Hillary Haymond, a local scooter rider who wrote the city in May asking that something be done to help scooter riders fit in downtown. She was bothered that if more than one scooter squeezed into the capacious parking spaces offered to cars, they each got a ticket. Her crusade was picked up by the ever-blogging Dave Frazier, who championed her cause on his Boise Guardian Web site.

Now, moto-heads can join Mayor Bieter at an official unveiling of the 5th Street site next Wednesday, July 5.