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PARK-ING in boise

This city is serious about recreation



If the powers that be wanted to change Boise's nickname, "The City of Parks" would be fairly accurate. According to the Parks & Recreation Department (, there are 90 park sites (77 developed, 13 undeveloped) under the purview of Parks & Rec. In addition, there are 86 tennis courts, 48 soccer fields, 25 pickleball courts, 22 outdoor basketball courts, six bocce ball courts, three lacrosse courts and even an archery range and a cricket field, along with myriad playgrounds and picnic areas.

If you live within Boise city limits, there's a good chance you pass by a park on a regular basis. It's easy to take for granted these flora- (and fauna-) filled spots in the middle of our urbanity, but they are a huge part of why Boise is what it is. Without them, our beautiful, high-desert environment would be just high desert.

Here in these pages, you'll find the Parks and Rec Department list of Boise parks. We added a key to let you know which parks have a pool, which are home to public art and which are welcoming to you and your canine pal.

P.S. More than 45,000 trees (street, park and riparian) are maintained in our city parks. City of Trees it is.

Aldape Park

629 N. San Jose Drive

Ann Morrison Park

1000 S. Americana Blvd.

Baggley Park

1410 E. Parkcenter Blvd.

Boise Hills Park

651 Clubview Court

Borah Park

801 S. Aurora Drive

Bowden Park

3230 W. Edson St.

C.W. Moore Park

150 S. Fifth St.

Camel's Back Park

1200 W. Heron St.

Capitol Park

601 W. Jefferson St.

Cassia Park

4600 W. Camas St.

Castle Hills Park

5350 N. Eugene St.

Catalpa Park

4516 W. Catalpa Drive

Comba Park

2995 N. Five Mile Road

Cottonwood Park

4350 N. Colonial Park Way

Cypress Park

4382 S. Tablebridge Way

Demeyer Park

5100 N. Tumbleweed Place

Dewey Park

2150 N. 15th St.

Elm Grove Park

2200 W. Irene St.

Esther Simplot Park

614 Whitewater Park Blvd.

Fairmont Park

7925 W. Northview St.

Fairview Park

2300 W. Idaho St.

Florence Park

7800 W. Florence St.

Foothills East Park

1465 E. Shenandoah Drive

Fort Boise Park

155 E. Garrison Road

Gordon S. Bowen Park

1013 W. O'Farrell St.

Helen B. Lowder Park

3450 S. Law Ave.

Hewett Park

11211 W. McMillan Road

Hillside Park

4150 N. 36th St.

Hobble Creek Park

6050 N. Park Meadow Way

Ivywild Park

416 W. Ivywild St.

J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Boise Whitewater Park

3900 W. Pleasanton Ave.

Julia Davis Park

700 S. Capitol Blvd.

Jullion Park

3801 N. Jullion Way

Kathryn Albertson Park

1001 N. Americana Blvd.

Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park

500 S. Walnut St.

Kroeger Park

2919 W. Leadville Ave.

Liberty Park

520 N. Liberty St.

Manitou Park

2001 S. Manitou Ave.

Marianne Williams Park

3451 E. Barber Valley Drive

Mcauley Park

1655 N. Resseguie St.

Memorial Park

900 N. Sixth St.

Milwaukee Park

3950 N. Milwaukee St.

Military reserve

750 N. Mountain Cove Road

Morris Hill Park

10 N. Roosevelt St.

Mountain View Park

7006 W. Ustick Road

Nottingham Park

5243 N. Decatur Drive

Owens Park

3496 N. 39th St.

Owyhee Park

3400 W. Elder St.

Parkcenter Park

385 E. Parkcenter Blvd.

Peppermint Park

2030 S. Sumpter Way

Phillippi Park

2299 S. Phillippi St.

Pine Grove Park

8995 W. Shoup Drive

Quarry View Park

2150 E. Old Penitentiary Road

Redwood Park

2675 N. Shamrock St.

Rhodes Skate Park

1555 W. Front St.

Riverside Park

1775 W. Shoreline Drive

Robert Noble Park

150 E. Warm Springs Ave.

Shoreline Park

1375 W. Shoreline Drive

Shoshone Park

2800 W. Canal St.

Skyline Park

9939 W. Skycliffe Ave.

Sterling Park

9851 W. Irving St.

Stewart Gulch Park

5070 Eyrie Way

Sunset Park

2625 N. 32nd St.

Sycamore Park

12275 Braddock Drive

Terry Day Park

1225 S. Federal Way

Veterans Memorial Park

930 N. Veterans Memorial Pkwy.

Warm Springs Park

250 S. Marden Lane

Williams Park

201 W. Williams St.

Willow Lane Park

4623 W. Willow Lane

Winstead Park

6150 W. Northview St.

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