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Paper Mache, Aug. 20, The Venue


Paper Mache is a Spokane, Wash.-based band. Sort of. They've spent the better part of two years on the road. When asked where he calls home, frontman Chelsea Seth Woodward said, "Our van."

Woodward (vocals, guitar) said when he started the band, it was really important to find a bunch of guys who were laid-back and mellow but were also in it for the long haul, which means a relentless touring schedule. He found them in Chris Rindal (guitar), Brian Bash (guitar), Eddie Hudson (bass) and Brad Johnston (percussion). Building a fan base and supporting their debut release, Easier to Lose, Woodward said the band has done more than 200 shows during the last two years.

Woodward seems to be a thoughtful guy, something reflected in his whispery delivery, plaintive lyrics and pretty, poppy indie music. And in his explanation for how he chose the name, Paper Mache (this is the correct spelling; maybe a smart choice on his part for Googling fans), he said he liked the aesthetic and the texture that the word paper brings to mind, as well as the foreign nature and sexiness of mache. He also likes the concept of the act of papier mache: taking scraps of trash and making something beautiful.

Paper Mache will be back in Boise on Sept. 20 as support for local band Bank's CD release party. If you can, take time to catch both shows. To hear tracks from Easier to Lose, visit

Wednesday, Aug. 20, $10, 8 p.m., with National Product and more. The Venue, 521 Broad St.,