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Panel Pulls Poetry Luminaries to Rediscovered Books

Saturday, June 15


If all you know about poetry is limited to the verses laid down by rappers or the Shakespeare you had to read in school, cruise down to the Idaho Poetry Panel at Rediscovered Books Saturday, June 15, and learn poetry from two seasoned scholars and Idaho natives: Boise's first Poet Laureate Diane Raptosh and Harvard English instructor Elisabeth Sharp McKetta.

Raptosh and McKetta offer their perspectives on the past, present and future of poetry in Idaho, from singing the glories of the Foothills to the depths of Payette Lake.

The evening starts with a spontaneous writing exercise in which participants are encouraged to jot down their favorite words onto note cards. Raptosh and McKetta will then use the words to create random acts of poetry. Each attendee will receive a short piece of freshly produced, hand-picked poetry from the compilation of verse created on the spot by both women.

After crafting spontaneous lines from words picked by audience members, the two writers will discuss poetry and its relationships to the communities that influence it, focusing on the Treasure Valley and its relationship with the written word. A poetry workshop will follow, in which participants hone their writing skills with advice from Raptosh and McKetta. To keep growling stomachs from interrupting things, refreshments will be provided by The Basque Market.

The Idaho Poetry panel starts at 5 p.m. and admission is free. Bring your bag of rhymes but leave the mic and Shakespeare for Dummies at home.