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Pamela's Meat Cake

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Nothing says "Thanks for your many years of invaluable service" like a giant, bloody, T-bone steak-shaped going-away cake. Furthermore, nothing says, "We respect your vegetarian lifestyle" like a giant, red-food-coloring-splattered T-bone steak-shaped cake oozing fake blood next to a smaller faux-bacon wrapped filet mignon cake.

To celebrate a McCall police officer's recent retirement, her co-workers pitched in some cash and called up Pamela's Bakery, Cafe and Espresso in Eagle. The order? One sheet-cake-sized hunk of delectably sweet faux-flesh, well done. Complete with a fake bone, char marks and everything.

"She's a long time vegetarian, so they gathered money and called and wanted to get her a T-bone steak for her retirement--the size of a sheet cake," explained Pamela's "cute little counter girl" Lisa Keyes. " ... I think it should've been red velvet, but they went with carrot cake."

So, not only has this lady had to avoid numerous "one little bite won't hurt you" fork airplanes over the years, but now she has to clean out her desk while stuffing carrot cake-flavored fake flesh into her meat-free mouth? Awesome. No seriously, awesome. Every retiring vegetarian should dream of being treated to a T-bone carrot cake from Pamela's. Or any other custom-made, super random, gory cake creation they can dream up. To get your own meat cake, call 208-938-6585.