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Owyhee County Historical Society Field Trips


As we start a new year, thoughts are often on the future. We make resolutions to change and better ourselves. But what if instead of a gym membership to help your future self, you signed up for a membership to the past?

Owyhee County is well known for its wild and woolly history. The state's largest county boasts a past filled with cattle drives, horse thieves and shady characters that covered its spectacular landscape. The Owyhee County Historical Society does its best to preserve and protect this wonderful legacy. To this end, the historical society oversees the Owyhee County Historical Society Museum and Library, a museum in Murphy filled with all manner of artifacts and exhibits, a bookstore and a library, all of which capture some of Idaho's incredible past.

One additional--and fantastic--service that OCHS provides is monthly field trips. These guided trips are open to the public and are one-of-a-kind, maybe even once-in-a-lifetime, trips into the beautiful Owyhee country to explore and learn about special places, people and the area's colorful past.

The OCHS field trips usually begin with a meet-and-greet rendezvous, then visitors caravan to a predetermined destination (four-wheel drive vehicles are sometimes required), where longtime ranchers, land owners, miners or other experts are waiting to tell the story of the past from a first-person perspective. An informal pot luck lunch takes place after the trip.

An annual membership to OCHS is $25 for individuals and $35 for a family. For more information, check out And since you're sure to get a little exercise wandering through and learning about the Owyhee country side, this is one membership you might just use.