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Owl City, Oct. 12, The Venue


Owl City is Adam Young, a clean-cut Baptist boy from the Midwest who combines saccharine synth-pop with Ben Gibbard-esque soft, singable vocals. Tracks such as "The Bird and the Worm" off Owl City's new Ocean Eyes inspires visions of the earliest romances when "glow in the dark stars on your ceiling" lulled pre-teens to sleep.

When sleep eluded Young, as he writes it often does, he'd creep down to his basement and record songs. His single "Hello Seattle," a psalm for the Puget Sound, earned him a call for a meeting with Universal Records in New York.

Young's newfound popularity caught the shy kid off-guard, "For me, the past weeks have been a shimmering, brilliant blur," Young states on his MySpace blog.

We learned that, as of press time, this show is sold out. Promoter Jaclyn Brandt confirms this is the first time a Venue show has sold out in advance.

Monday, Oct. 12, with Brooke Waggoner, The Scene Aesthetic. 6 p.m., $12, The Venue, 521 Broad St.