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Like sands through an hourglass, these are the BOBs of our lives. Melodramatic, sure, but so is every issue of Best of Boise--the raw emotion, the anticipation, the competition, the cat fights, the sleeping with someone who turns out to be your long-lost half-sibling who is about to screw you out of your inheritance ...

But Boise Weekly's two Best of Boise issues remain both the most popular and the most contentious issues we publish every year. This, the first of the two, is the Staff Picks edition, filled with those things we in the BW editorial department think deserve a little extra attention.

We spend all year running around this fine valley of ours, attending cultural events, covering the big news stories and otherwise experiencing life in Boise from a perspective few others have. This Best of Boise edition represents our chance to highlight the people, places, things and events that might otherwise go unnoticed amid all the worthy honorees to be found throughout the Treasure Valley.

Next week, in the Sept. 28 edition of BW, readers will have their chance to decree what is absolutely and inarguably the very best this community has to offer in the much-anticipated Readers' Choice issue. Whether you agree or disagree with the results, isn't the drama what makes it all so much fun?

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