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Our five conversationalists:

J Arancivia

J has lived in Idaho for about five years and only in the last three has really gotten into the music scene. He lived in southern California for 15 years before coming here and was involved in the music scene there also. He joined a band in Boise in 2002 named Uncontrolled Substance and quickly got to know many people involved in the scene. He decided to start the BLMG (Boise Local Music Group, as a place to bring the bands together in order to share resources. The BLMG community has grown to 43 bands in a matter of a year and has brought a lot of talented bands and enthusiastic fans together.

Elijah Jensen

A while back, he woke up to a Roberta Flack song and found two silver ribbons in his hair, but nothing really neat has happened since then. He rarely dresses for the occasion, and has a hard time fetching a cab. He recommends you come to the Riot Factory sometime, where they do it to it.

Tim Johnstone

Is a Boise cornerstone in the local music scene. A dee-jay for the X and most recently the other half of the River (94.9) morning team, he also has been the marketing director for the Record Exchange for years. He's played in local bands when younger and at one time he penned a music column for Boise Weekly.

Erich Walton

Erich is the new owner of The Bouquet and has lived in Boise most of his life, with the exception of when he went to school Seattle.

Trudy Young

Trudy has more than 22 years of leadership experience building brands and guiding top-tier companies. A strategist and marketer, her vision and expertise have delivered impressive bottom-line results in the high-tech, B2B and general consumer goods sectors. Not only is Trudy passionate about marketing, she loves music (she manages local band Paylface) and hopes to increase the awareness of the local music scene.