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OTEP, July 30, Knitting Factory


Elton John sang "Saturday night's the night I like"; Yusuf Islam, nee Cat Stevens, opined "Another Saturday night / and I ain't got nobody," and the Bay City Rollers spelled it out loud and proud—"S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night." Until just recently, for touring bands, Boise was little more than a mid-week pit stop to gas up and grab some snacks on the way to weekend shows in Denver or Portland. As more bands—or at least their promoters, managers and record labels—have started to discover Boise, we've seen more big-name and up-and-coming acts actually stop and play here on purpose (having a Knitting Factory in town doesn't hurt, either). But still, for many of those bands, they've already booked shows in Seattle or Salt Lake City on a coveted Saturday night spot and, if they do want to play here, it often has to be on a weeknight. This year, we've had some great off-night shows around town—Helio Sequence, Gogol Bordello, Vampire Weekend and DeVotchKa, for example—and true to form, this Wednesday, loud hits the crowd with Otep and friends as they make a stop on their Circus of Democracy Tour. Otep Shamaya, the heavy rock band's frontwoman, is quoted as saying, "We've seen what happens when citizens do nothing; elections can be stolen, wars can be launched and oligarchs can swell their pockets with our national treasures. So as part of our mission to help provoke people into action, I've named the tour The Circus of Democracy ... to remind them they have the power to change the course of history." Earplugs and the willingness to do your part required.

July 30, with A New Revolution, Droid and Kryterium, 7:30 p.m., $15, Knitting Factory, 416 S. 9th St., 208-367-1212.