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Pillow designers draw inspiration from an animal that buries its head in the sand.


The ostrich is an awkward evolutionary oddity somewhere between a vulture and a velociraptor. It even sleeps awkwardly, snug as a bug with its head in the sand.

But what's so bad about that? Let he who has never closed the blinds to eliminate the morning sun or put a pillow over his head to block the sound of the alarm cast the first stone.

The ostrich knows what's up. And lucky for you, so do designers Kawamura-Ganjavian. The duo created the Ostrich Pillow—a sort of soft helmet with holes for your mouth and hands that allows you to sleep anywhere in comfort, darkness and silence—for Studio Banana Things.

"Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates your head and hands, perfect for a power nap," reads the company's website.

The only drawback is it will also make you look like a total weirdo napping in public wearing a soft space helmet. But it's not like you'll care, because you'll be deep in the throes of a power-nap, restfully oblivious.

What will you dream of? Hopefully, more ways that we can learn from the ever wise ostrich.

The pillow is available online through the company's website,, for $99.