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Oru Kayak

A kayak you can unfold and float


The idea of water sports and the ancient art of Japanese paper folding coming together in a symbiosis of form and function seems improbable. Impossible, even. It is, however, neither... Behold the Oru Kayak.

As the story goes, designer and Oru Kayak co-founder Anton Willis found inspiration for what would become a foldable kayak after he had to put his beloved fiberglass boat in storage, reading about advancements in origami, prototype testing and raising $444,000 of an $80,000 goal on Kickstarter.

The Oru Kayak is "made of 5mm double-layered custom extruded polypropylene" and when not in use, can be folded into a 29 by 32 by 13 inch carrying case (with a shoulder strap), which weighs about 26 pounds. The Oru is lightweight and durable, and it is built to withstand 20,000 folding cycles. Just don't get clever and try to fold it into a crane.