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Organic Flood: The Source


Apparently Pacific Northwest babies Organic Flood put on a rad live show, and after a few listens to their first studio album, The Source, I believe it. The Source tries to capture all the obviously zany chaos of an OF show, but that's a tall order for a band that prides itself on the live collaboration of the five glittery musicians.

The Source is sopping with truly complex funk compositions layered with elements of blues, rock and a smidgen of hip-hop snaps. And it is enjoyable if you have the ability to imagine yourself at an outdoor hippie concert music festival--just picture the guy with devil sticks and that long-skirted chick spinning beanbags on strings. Ooh, don't let it hit you.

The OF vibe rings clearly of influences like Primus and Trey Anastasio--interestingly, The Source was produced by the same guy those other bands used. But on simply listening to OF perform, the crafty amalgamation of their expertise sounds a bit haphazard when there's no visual component to illustrate all that complexity or do justice to the creative talents of the musicians.

Bass player Hayes Burris gets a lot of notoriety on the album, as the bass stands out as the driver in most of the songs (a la Primus, perhaps), and though it is interesting to have both a female and a male sharing vocal duties, it adds to the slapdash feel.

Organic Flood is definitely high-energy and multifarious, which makes for a positive musical experience, but taking in a live show of such a funky, hip group of musicians is a must.