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Ophidia Dance Studio Showcases Exotic Winter Dances

Friday, Dec. 14 and Saturday, Dec. 15


Santa may be a hero driving a pack of reindeer as he blazes from rooftop to rooftop at cruising altitude Christmas Eve, but, well, he's chubby, ruddy and beard-y. Hot cider and gingerbread cookies are about as close as he gets to spicy.

If Spanish coffees and hot buttered rum aren't keeping you warm this season, try basking in the glow of Ophidia Dance Studio's Winter Showcase. Ophidia's students and instructors are turning up the heat and artistry with acrobatic performances involving poles, hula-hoops and fire, all choreographed to music.

Pole dancing may have finally joined Crossfit in the pantheon of organized exercise routines, but it's also mesmerizing to watch--think of it as sugar plums dancing ... on a pole. Some highlights of the evening include lap dancing, pole acrobatics and poi. Or if flying through the air suspended only by strips of fabric sounds more exciting, an aerial yoga demonstration might be the highlight of the night.

The evening's raffle prizes are as extravagant as the dances. Imagine learning to perfect the challenging and expressive pole dancing moves in the comfort of your own home--which the lucky winner of his or her own pole will be able to do. Of course, that person might end up having to awkwardly explain an injury to an ER doctor. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.