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Opening Openers for the Holidays

Gifts for the wine and beer lovers on your list


If there's a wine lover on your holiday gift list, you could always buy them a bottle or two, but what if you aren't sure what they like? Or what if their tastes are a little too extravagant and they already have a cellar full of special bottles? Well, they have to open those bottles somehow.

You can add a little air power to their wine-opening experience with the Cork Pops Legacy, which pierces the cork with a thin needle connected to a low-pressure cartridge that discharges a stream of inert gas, gently lifting the cork from the bottle. Cork Pops retails for $28 on the product's website and includes a built-in, four-blade foil cutter. One cartridge is good for 60-80 bottles, with replacements running $10 each.

Or, if you prefer, you can go electric with the Metrokane Electric Houdini Corkscrew. Just press one button to pull out the cork and press another to eject it from the screw. One charge is good for about 30 bottles, the foil cutter is built in, and it retails for $40 at

One of the best and most unique corkscrews around uses people power: the venerable Screwpull from Le Creuset. This corkscrew employs a long, Teflon-coated screw to gently lift the most stubborn cork. You rotate the handle clockwise to pull it out and counterclockwise to release it. My favorite version (the portable pocket model) comes with a five-year guarantee, and rings in at $25 at

For the beer lover on your list, ramp up the pedestrian church key with a Luchador Bottle Opener from Kikkerland. Created by Ariel Rojo and Andres Lhima, the design was part of Kikkerland's Mexico Design Challenge. The masked wrestler of Lucha Libre comes in red, blue or black and sells for $8 on Kikkerland's website,