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Online Seduction

Losers can now strike out at home


From the people that brought you AXE, the men's body spray that is sure to get the ladies attention, we now have Mojo Master, an online game developed by Wild Tangent, in which you attempt to seduce 100 3D girls, including Tiffany Fallon, 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year.

No more humiliation in front of your friends at a bar-you can now pick up virtual women at home, in your underwear if you'd like, just like you've secretly always wanted to do at a bar.

The game designers have applied theories of male/female interaction from expert studies of seduction for you to navigate. If you successfully "seduce" all 100 you become ... the Mojo Master. Each girl is derived from a personality matrix and you must use the "moves" you learn along the way to bag 'em. You can build your own persona with clothes and "bling," then work your way through 28 venues in seven cities. But wait, there's more. This fall you'll be able to compete with other "playas" live, online.

Just how did we come to this? Well, as the advertising industry continues to seek out unique ways to reach the young men and women in our society that have stopped reading newspapers and watching TV, companies find new ways to introduce their products. You can bet that at some point in the game, you'll have to use the new AXE Unlimited body spray to attract the ladies. Oh, and that fragrance makes those "brazenly gorgeous 3D-rendered girls" swoon.

Strangely, it isn't just about making the "move." A device called a "Seduction Compass" describes girls using five elements: light, fire, earth, ice and shadow. Each represent the different physical and mental types exhibited by the game's ladies, just like in real life.

As "playas" master their "moves," they collect phone numbers of girls and add them to his personal mobile phone book. (T-Mobile, take note).

You can play Mojo Master online at