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One Wedding and a Funeral


The following figures are rough numbers of an even rougher number on relative, median costs of wedding and funeral accoutrements in Idaho. There really is no average, and extremes exist on both ends of the spectrum. Our thanks to Glenna Tooman of Memory Makers Event Planning LLC and Larry Leoni of Summers Funeral Home for being generous with their time and information.


Gown $400-$800

Tux $90-$100 (rental)

Catering $18-$25/person

Limousine $100/hour with a two hour minimum

Rings His $250-$300; Hers $500-$3,500

Flowers $400-$1,200

Facility Church $300-$1,500; Hotel $900-$2,400; Winery $1,200-$2,400

DJ (Master of Ceremonies) $150/hour with a three hour minimum

Photographer $1,500-$1,800 or $3,000 for all day

Announcements $300 plus postage

Cake $2.25-$3/slice

Honeymoon $-$$$$$

The whole shebang up to $50,000


Gown $0-$100 (often taken from existing wardrobe)

Tux $500-$1,300 (purchase)

Catering $0 (often provided by friends and family)

Hearse $258/day

Casket $450-$7,000

Flowers $60-$300 for one arrangement

Facility Funeral Home: N/A (part of package); Church: $300-$1,500

Minister (Master of Ceremonies) $0-?

Cremation $750-$1,650

Obituary Idaho Statesman-Weekdays $1.95/line; Sunday $2.40/line with a mandatory $10 fee for uploading to the Statesman Web site.

Immediate Burial Service: $775-1,425

The whole shebang: up to $10,000