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One Bird in the Bush, One Bush in Boise

Wednesday, Sept. 14


1995 was an epic year for alt rock. Third wave ska-sters No Doubt, fronted by the midriff-baring blonde Gwen Stefani, released its smash hit album Tragic Kingdom, and the fish-eye lens video for "Spiderwebs" skanked across MTV in regular rotation. At the same time British grunge act Bush, fronted by the dreamy Gavin Rossdale, topped the charts with tracks like "Glycerine" and "Comedown" from its debut album, Sixteen Stone. Inevitably, the queen and king of 1995 alt radio shacked up, becoming one of rock's hottest duos.

Now, 16 years since Sixteen Stone's release, the couple is still together and Bush has officially reunited. Though the band has a new guitarist and bassist, they'll no doubt bring the '90s back with classics like "Machinehead" and "Everything Zen," along with tracks from the just released The Sea of Memories.

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