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One Billion Rising

Saturday, Feb. 15


Global issues of violence and abuse are very real. So are the overwhelming realities of their scale, which is why it makes sense that even dedicated advocates sometimes feel nearly paralyzed by despair. But despair is not possible when there is dance.

In coordination with international events such as rallies, protests and strikes, Boise will attempt to beat back the threat of despair by hosting a free-form, unchoreographed dance Saturday at the Trey McIntyre Project Studio. Kris Taylor of Deep Dance Experience will lead the event, which is geared toward inspiring anyone with a desire to end global abuse.

One Billion Rising is a revolutionary call to action aimed at eradicating violence against women and children. In 2013, the grassroots movement spanned more than 200 countries and included 10,000 events--all geared toward raising awareness of the staggering global statistics regarding women and abuse.

This year, One Billion Rising is expanding the event's focus to include global justice, calling for international laws to hold perpetrators of gender-based violence accountable for their actions.

All proceeds from this year's event will be donated to the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, a local group that advocates for and provides services to victims of abuse.

Given the limited capacity of the Trey McIntyre Project studio space, local coordinators are requesting advance RSVPs be submitted via the group's website.