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On the Shores of the Okkervil River

Friday, June 17, Egyptian Theatre


The members of Okkervil River are feeling a bit worse for the wear. Blown tires, busted fenders, marooned tour buses and engine trouble have kept the band down.

"Some wild shit's happened, but hopefully all of our bad luck is out of the way so that now we can just make it from show to show and perform," said bassist Patrick Pestorius.

As long as they avoid further issues, the indie-rock statesmen are scheduled to perform in Boise this week. The group plans to mix in a number of OR staples, as well as some old deep cuts. A large portion of the material will be from their new record, I Am Very Far (Jagjaguwar, 2011)--an ambitious and grandiose rock album that exhibits the band's growth with dense arrangements, lush soundscapes, polished production and as always, outstanding lyrical content.

Hard-rocking New Jersey quintet Titus Andronicus will open the show.