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On the Fly, NFL Mobile


Hoping to travel soon? Check out On the Fly, an iPhone app from ITA. You're probably familiar with online travel search-engines Kayak or Orbitz. Well, ITA is the company that fuels those engines. On the Fly uses a boatload of filters to search multiple airlines. You have the option of specific dates or a block of dates while simultaneously choosing departure and destination points. It even asks if you expect a direct flight or don't mind multiple connections. On the Fly also accesses maps. One minus: you can't book a flight directly, though it will link to a site where you can. But hey, it's free and it's slick.

This next one's for the pro football fanatic. You know. The really, really, really crazy fan. It's N.F.L. Mobile, available to BlackBerry and Android users. The free version includes live audio streams of every game, scores and team alerts. Those features alone put this app on the top of the heap, but here's the best part: Verizon customers can subscribe to V Cast (it includes hundreds of other features), which unleashes the best pro football app features available anywhere. You can watch live video of Sunday night games, and it includes the NFL Redzone app. What? You haven't heard of the Redzone? It constantly shifts you to different games just as major plays (usually inside the 20-yard-line) are about to happen. By the way, V Cast subscribers also get great network shows on their BlackBerry phones like 30 Rock and The Office.