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On The Air?


Boise Community Radio is one step closer to reality.

After years of planning, fundraising and set backs, the would-be community radio station has applied for a frequency with the Federal Communications Commission.

If approved, the station would broadcast on 89.9 FM and could be picked up by listeners from Boise to Ontario, Ore.

"Today, Boise Community Radio has asked our federal government for something fundamental to American society—the opportunity for a community to practice freedom of the press without ties to corporate profiteers," wrote Jeff Abrams, BCR executive director in a press release. "We anticipated this window five years ago and have poured everything we have into a well-positioned application. With this filing, we are, in many ways, at the finish line and the starting gate at the same time."

Of course, just filing the application doesn't mean the request will be approved. Thousands of applications for non-commercial stations were filed during a 10-day application window. Those applications will be posted on-line at the FCC Web site later this week.

Abrams said he feels the organization's chances are good since the station would serve the largest population base in the country not already served by a non-commercial station.