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What are we watching? Wouldn't you like to know! Muuwaahaahaahaa. From our computer screens to our favorite silver screens, Boise Weekly staff members divulge their latest adventure into the world of film, television, Web surfing and video game distraction.

Ad rep Kate Matthews has two favorite Web sites currently: and "On teevee ... ooh," she says, "A Big Big World on PBS, a kick ass new kids show ... wow, a lot of stuff really." On DVD? "Whatever my neighbor's rent and pass on to me. Currently Robin Williams on Broadway." The disclaimer: "It's summer, there's not a lot of TV/movie watching in my world right now."

News Head Honcho Shea Andersen just watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on DVD last week. His take on it? "Worth a laugh, but not worth theater prices." But he's more enthusiastic about The Life Aquatic, which he permanently invested in because "I loved the film and Bill Murray is so good, I’d watch him do the dishes, just because I know I’d get a laugh out of it." As for the rest of it? "Busy times now: I’m off to Prairie Home Companion tonight, then I need to find time for the new Superman flick. Lastly, I finally saw an online clip of David Beckham’s perfect bender kick in the World Cup. Had to watch it twice. Amazing. Check it out for yourself:

The lovely Leila Ramella, officially the Art Director and unofficially, the Editor of all Editors has little time for the screen, with a single response: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Just before leaving for the Big Apple to enjoy all that Madonna, Manhattan and Mad-Hamptons have to offer, Tyler Bush responded thus: "Madonna's I Want To Tell You A Secret DVD, which I'll be watching on the plane to the concert, of course." (It's true, sometimes he obsesses much when it comes to Madonna.) When he's not obsessing: Tristan & Isolde, Syriana, Rent, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe and Walk the Line.

Sales right hand superwoman Amy Stauffer is intermixing episodes of Family Guy and Law and Order SVU with her video game addiction to Tetris and Super Mario Brothers 3. Super Stauffer is currently accepting challengers for a bracketed tournament to be held in her living room next month (entry fee is a non-refundable $1,000 per player donation to the Stauffer trust fund).

Arts Editor Sara Beitia sometimes leaves the fine arts at work and dives into the Jeeves and Wooster complete boxed set when she just can't get enough zee man and his manservant.

Music Mama Watkins (aka, Music Effin' Editor Amy Atkins) claims, "Weirdly enough, I haven’t been watching much TV. Wait, I have been in a really shitty sleeping pattern: I’m up until 2 or 3 am get up at 6:30 a.m. and then fall asleep in the evening for an hour or two thereby starting the cycle all fucking over again. So, I have been watching a ton of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network." And since America's Next Top Model is on Tyra-vacation for the next few months, Atkins is all about Family Guy, Mission Hill, the Venture Bros. and tons of weird Japanese animated films.

Phil Merrell is a man of many words: Six Feet Under Season 4-5.