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Find: Old Towne Mall and Coffeehouse


It's easy to write off Nampa's Old Towne Mall and Coffee House as a quaint antique store. And the assortment of lollipops, doilies and blue-hairs visible through the window doesn't help dispel that assumption. But once you've wound your way around the coffee counter, an impressive--and haphazard--vintage store awaits.

Racks of high-quality vintage dresses--everything from flowery numbers to elegant evening gowns--brush against fur coats, children's pearl-snaps and '70s puffy vests.

On the back wall, wicker owl wall-hangings share shelf space with perched owl figurines. You can also score some sweet kitchen finds, including an antique mustard-yellow recipe card box with the original lined cards and an array of neato vintage aprons. If you're willing to throw down some serious coin, there's a super rad 1930s spice rack with milky glass jars that runs $74.95.

Though the Old Towne Mall doesn't top the list of hip Nampa hotspots--White Pine, Flying M, Brass Razoo--it's worth a gander after you grab a slice from Nampa's new pizza joint, Messenger Pizza. For more on Messenger Pizza, read our review here.