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Old Death Whisper

Dec. 31, Pengilly's


Toby Keith describes his favorite bar like this: "We got winners, we got losers / chain smokers and boozers / and we got yuppies, we got bikers / we got thirsty hitchhikers / and the girls next door dress up like movie stars ..." According to their Myspace page, Old Death Whisper would fit right in there--that sounds a lot like the usual crowd they play for. The self described hillbilly-rock-surf band will ring in the new year at Boise's own version of everybody's favorite bar: Pengilly's.

Replete with "... thundering rhythms, blazing harmonica, high lonesome harmonies and lyrics ranging from bank robbery and murder to fishing for the big trout ..." the band draws inspiration from the wilderness of Central Idaho and takes their name from Granddaddy Jake's moonshine recipe. Any band that names themselves after booze is sure to deliver a rowdy show. If you have a hankerin' to get back to your "potato Western" roots, Pengilly's is the place to be come New Year's Eve.