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Old Canes, Nov. 16, Terrapin Station


Chris Crisci, the big-bearded frontman of Lawrence, Kan.-based band Old Canes, has had his share of positive reinforcement as frontman for indie folk group the Appleseed Cast. And while he still enjoys making music with the Appleseed Cast, he wanted to do something he felt was completely different. Crisci started Old Canes as a way to create "unkempt music" by acoustically combining energetic rock and folk and bringing in some of his punk and hardcore influences into his second release, Feral Harmonic (Saddle Creek).

Feral Harmonic is a joyous romp set to a soundtrack--created with the help of guest musicians--of toy piano, banjo, trumpet, cello, guitar, bells and more. What is especially interesting about Feral Harmonic, though, is that it's more akin to a first release than a sophomore effort. When Crisci's 2004 debut came out, it was "released under a rock."

"We did it wrong," Crisci said. "I started touring before I had CDs. There were some issues leading up to the release, so it wasn't until the middle of the third tour that we had CDs. And then the van broke down two times. By the time the record was released, we were out of money, and so we actually never toured it."

The excitement behind getting this new album out and touring behind it isn't Crisci's alone. Feral Harmonic--a name Crisci chose to suggest the sound of the tracks within--is receiving favorable feedback.

"I've seen maybe 10 reviews. Of those, maybe seven were very, very good; two were OK, and then there's one bad one floating out there. The guy just didn't get it," Crisci said, laughing. "But you know what? Magnet likes it, AP likes it, Paste likes it. I'm happy."

Monday, Nov. 16, 8 p.m., FREE. Terrapin Station, 1519 W. Main St., 208-342-1776.