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Oinkari Basque Dancers • Arrowrock International School's Annual Bazaar and Gala • Idaho Dressage Festival • Turtle Island String Quartet and Ying String Quartet Double Feature at the Egyptian • Darkwood C


Thursday 4

Oinkari Basque Dancers

The Treasure Valley loves a Basque good time and here's a chance to see why. Boise's Oinkari Basque Dancers are the Basque dance group to which all others aspire.

A folk dance troupe devoted to the traditional dance of the Basque country, the Oinkari Dancers have been dancing as a group since 1960 and they've performed all over the United States and internationally. The 30-plus company, accompanied by a Basque music ensemble and arrayed in colorful traditional Basque costumes, will take the stage at the Nampa Civic Center.

"Oinkari" is a Euskera word meaning "dancer" or "one who does with his feet," and the group is apparently intent on proving the name doubly apt. The upcoming performance will feature a new dance called Zuberoako Godaleta Dantza, and dancers will actually jump on wine glasses (without breaking either the glasses or their ankles) as part of the dance. This is a the kind of feat you need to see to believe.

8 p.m. $16. Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd St. S., Nampa. For more information, call 468-5555, Find out more about the Oinkari Basque Dancers on the Web at

Saturday 6

Arrowrock International School's Annual Bazaar and Gala

We at BW love to attend cultural events that are not only fun, but for a good cause, too. Case in point: the Arrowrock International School's Bazaar and Gala. This is the shool's second-annual fundraiser event, this time to drum up donations for a new facility for this small school for gifted students. Since Arrowrock has an international focus, event organizers decided to have an internationally themed event.

The evening's events include a full roster of diverse live entertainment, including: Terra Sonus, a local worldbeat group featuring sitar, violin, bass and percussion; Cymma~Tribe, a professional bellydance performance group from the Cairo Fusion dance school in Boise; and Irish Dance Idaho, a local dance troupe performing both show-style and traditional Irish step dance in traditional costume. Besides fabulous entertainment, there will be Middle-Eastern cuisine and a hosted bar.

For the bazaar portion of the evening, the school will auction off a lot of great stuff, like travel packages, car washes, jewelry, home furnishings and lots of event passes.

6 p.m. $50 per person. The Waterfront at Lakeharbor, 3050-3200 N. Lakeharbor Lane, Find more information about the school at

Saturday 6

Idaho Dressage Festival

Come see how precise and lovely horsemanship can be at the Second Annual Dressage Festival. What's that, you ask? Think of dressage as the more practical horsey arts' genteel cousin. If that's two flowery, it's just the art of putting a horse through a series of precise maneuvers by the rider's slight movement of hands, legs and weight. Come watch the area's best compete for top honors.

If the fancy horsemanship isn't enough, there will be silent auctions and also be tons of art for sale by regional and national equine artists, including paintings, drawings, knick-knacks, sculpture, jewelry and photography, too.

May 6-7, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The Idaho Horse Park, the Idaho Center, Nampa. For more information, call 286-7973 or visit

Turtle Island String Quartet and Ying String Quartet Double Feature at the Egyptian

Boise chamber music fans are in for an terrifically offbeat treat: in celebration of its anniversary, Boise Chamber Music Society is bringing a couple of Grammy-winning quartets--Turtle Island String Quartet and Ying String Quartet. Turtle Island has been around for a couple of decades, and their fusion of rock, jazz, folk, world and chamber music defies description. (You haven't lived until you hear their violin-cello-viola rendition of Cream's "Crossroads.") Ying String Quartet, a more traditional chamber music ensemble, plays on Turtle Island's 2005 release, 4 + Four, and will perform with Turtle Island as part of this great show. This performance shouldn't be missed.

8 p.m. $25 general, $20 students and seniors. The Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St..

Sunday 7

Darkwood Consort Performance

This concert, entitled "Brought to You By the Letter M," is the final concert in Darkwood's 2005-2006 Boise Chamber Music Series. In true quirky Darkwood form, the duo, Jennifer Drake and Aage Nielsen, with guest musicians Karlin Coolidge, Merissa Moeller and a vocal quartet led by Corey McKnight, will perform M-spired works by M-azing composers such as Machaut, Marais, Mozart and Matys. And of course, intermission wouldn't be complete without M&Ms and Flying M coffee.

2 p.m. $12 general admission, $8 students and seniors. Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy, 416 N. 9th St., 345-9116. More information at