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Neurolux, Monday, Sept. 17


Sometimes music videos can be illuminating, offering a glimpse into a songwriter's process. "Ah," you might think, "This is a song about a bad breakup," or "This is a song about that swooping feeling of freedom you get in your stomach on a cross-country roadtrip." Other times, as with Chicago-based duo Ohmme's song, "Icon," a video can leave viewers even deeper in the dark. The clip combines inky lipstick, a dog's birthday party and people with clumps of balloons instead of faces, and yet, its awkward synergy is somehow fitting for Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart of Omhee. Pitchfork once compared the indie rock duo's music to "an existentialist in a sundress," citing its "distant, relaxed allure." To try the sundress on for size, stop by Neurolux on Monday, Sept. 17, and listen to Cunningham and Stewart perform tracks from their debut album, Parts (Joyful Noise Recordings, 2018).

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