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Officers Injured During Lewiston SWAT Training


  • Lewiston Police Department

SWAT officers regularly train to deal with high-risk situations, but things went bad during a Wednesday afternoon SWAT training exercise at the Lewiston Police Department, sending two officers to the hospital.

The Lewiston Tribune reported this morning that as the training session was wrapping up, a weapon accidentally discharged, injuring two officers. A Lewiston Police Department press release states "two officers received minor injuries to their hands and were transported to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center for treatment."

Police Chief Chris Ankeny told the Tribune it was believed at first the weapon fired while it was being cleaned, but then it was learned the weapon could have been fired during clearing—removing bullets by ejecting them from the chamber.

"We're going to conduct an investigation to determine what else happened," Ankeny told the Tribune. "Right now, we're concerned for the officers' health and well-being and making sure they get back to work as soon as they can."