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UPDATE: Suspect Died of Self-Inflicted Gunshot in Standoff With Boise Police



UPDATE: June 29, 2016 4:30 p.m.

The Ada County Coroner announced late Wednesday that 53-year-old Alan Amundson of Kuna died of a self-inflicted gunshot in the late night hours of June 28. 

Boise Police indicated that even though officers returned fire in a shootout outside a northwest Boise residence, it wasn't clear how Amundson had died when he passed away from a gunshot wound at the scene.

A Boise police officer, a five-year veteran of the force, was hit in the chest by a bullet during the shootout but a bullet-proof vest saved his life. The officer was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injures.

Meanwhile a third man, still unidentified, was shot at the northwest Boise residence just prior to police arriving on the scene. That man is still fighting for his life at a local hospital. 

A Critical Incident Task Force, with the Ada County Sheriff's Office taking the lead role, continues its probe into the incident.

UPDATE: June 29, 2016, 1:17 p.m.

Details have begun to emerge in a late-night June 28 shooting in northwest Boise that left an unidentified Kuna man dead, another man fighting for his life and a Boise police office lucky to be alive.

Boise police responded to an 11:42 p.m. report of a shooting at a residence near the intersection of Bridlewood Circle and North Glenwood Street. When officers arrived on the scene, a man opened fire at them from outside the residence.

A five-year veteran of the Boise Police Department was shot once in the chest but was protected by a bullet-proof vest. The unnamed officer was transported by paramedics to an area hospital.

Two other police officers returned fire and the suspect was shot and killed at the scene. The investigation remains ongoing as to whether the suspect was shot by officers.

After securing the scene, officers found the initial shooting victim and paramedics rushed him to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.
“Hearing an officer was shot in the chest last night left me with a deep ache in the pit of my stomach all night, even knowing he was going to be OK,” Boise Police Chief Bill Bones stated in a news release. “We almost lost him, but for the great tactics he employed and grace of God we would be mourning the loss of one of our own."

The most recent incident of a Boise police officer being shot in the line of duty occurred in February 2004.

The incident is being investigated by the Ada County Critical Task Force, with the Ada County Sheriff's Office taking the lead role in the probe.

ORIGINAL POST: June 29, 2016,  9 a.m.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office is taking the lead in a Critical Incident Task Force investigation into an officer-related shooting in northwest Boise.

Boise police responded to the report of a shooting at a residence near Bridlewood Circle and Glenwood Street, not far from Capital High School, just before midnight Tuesday. Officers said when they arrived on scene, they were met by gunfire. One officer was injured when he was struck in the chest, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest and survived. A male suspect was shot and died at the scene.

An acquaintance of the suspect was reportedly shot by him and was rushed to a local hospital and treated for life-threatening injuries. Witness coordinators are assisting the shooting victim's family.

The fatal incident is the second officer-involved shooting since the Boise Police Department began using body cameras, which were issued to overnight patrol in early June.