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Off Center Dance: Side Effects

Visual Arts Collective, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 12 and 13


If you want to get spooked for Halloween a bit early, Off Center Dance has the perfect performance for you: Side Effects, opening Friday, Oct. 12, at the Visual Arts Collective, promises to creep out and impress viewers all in one go. The triumphant return of a sold-out production, this year's Side Effects features fresh choreography from Kelli Brown and Katie Ponozzo, but is just as terror-inducing, questioning reality and showcasing dancing demons at every turn. In one promotional image, a woman sits in a wheelchair hooked up to an IV, screaming and clutching the side of her face as a black-robed, skeleton-masked figure behind her rests its hand on her head—the setup for a night of self-induced discomfort if ever there was one.

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