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October 26, 2005


Dear Dream Zone, My mother died back in ’98 but in the last few months I’ve been having these dreams where my sister and I are in a graveyard next to our mother’s open casket and we are digging her grave by hand.  Before we finish, Mom sits up in her casket but is very weak and out of it. We both jump up and I grab her around the shoulders to support her.  My sister yells at someone to get a doctor. I look at my sister and tell her, "I told you she wasn't dead! She's going to be okay." And then I wake up.   – Carrie 38, Lewiston, ID Lauri: Are you a mother? If so, your mother is standing in for your role as “Mom.” I’ll bet you get these dreams when you have difficulty or indecision concerning your children. At these times, your inner mind feels that perhaps your maternal abilities have "died off."  It ain't easy raisin’ young ‘uns! So ask yourself if over the last few months—since these dreams began—there have been some issues with your children where you felt unsure or ill equipped to deal. Your dream is showing you that your maternal skills are in fact alive and well!  Notice how you say, "I told you she wasn't dead!"  Even though it may sometimes seem like you've lost touch with this part of yourself, deep down you know you got what it takes!! Carrie replies: Wow! I would say that hit the nail right on the head! I am a mother. I have an 11-year-old daughter and the last few months she's been worse than ever! I think this is going to give me the extra resolve and confidence I needed! Fascinating Dream Fact: Every night, 14 million Americans have a nightmare! If you’re one of them, fear not!  Your nightmares are alerting you to something that is wrong in your life so that you can take the appropriate action to correct it.