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October 18 — October 25

Howling Back

Last week, Boise Weekly ran an article titled "Anatomy of a Wolf Attack," which unfortunately contained some misquotes and misinformation. Primarily, the statements attributed to me referring to wolves my "babies" and saying that I'm "such a proud mom" are not accurate quotes. While I deeply respect the animals that we work to protect, I do not consider them my "babies" or "great, great grandchildren." The latter reference was only in regard to the offspring of those wolves that were originally reintroduced to Idaho in the mid-1990s.  I appreciate the personal apology from the writer and hope that the readers, particularly those involved in wolf conservation, also see this clarification. 

There were other mistakes in the article including a statement that a rancher had offered a $5000 reward for a pair of wolf ears. Contrary to that statement, a St. Maries paper recently ran a letter from a local resident offering a $5000 reward for a pair of Defenders of Wildlife's staff members' ears.  It had nothing to do with ranchers.  I also did not state that the Big Water pack "died before its time."  The concern I shared was in regard to their pups being left to starve to death and that this was a serious departure from professional wildlife management practices upheld in the past. For added accuracy, the parents of those pups were trapped and shot, after killing sheep, not killed during helicopter aerial gunning actions.  In addition, there were several agencies involved in testing wolf-proof barriers in Clayton, Idaho including USDA Wildlife Service and their National Research Center, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Forest Service. It's important that we share the credit with all those who partnered on the project.

The wolf issue in Idaho is controversial and often very complicated.  I appreciate BW for tackling the issue and hope these clarifications help reduce any misunderstandings regarding the article. 

--Suzanne Stone



Bill Sali, Congressman Butch Otter, and Congressman Mike Simpson would like to thank your children for smoking, chewing and dipping tobacco. According to the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund, Bill Sali has accepted $1,000 from the tobacco industry in the current election cycle.  Since 2001, Butch Otter has received $16,000 from the tobacco industry while Simpson has received $39,500 from the tobacco industry. If selling their souls to Joe Camel is one of the moral values of Bill Sali, Butch Otter and Mike Simpson, then I'd hate to see what their immoral values are.

--Jason Hsu,

Cedar Rapids, IA

Comments from our Web Site

From: Update: Blogger "Outs" Craig

Anyone who dismisses Mike Roger's report out of hand is either naive or has his own agenda. It would do skeptics well to consider the following facts: When Michael Rogers reported on Foley's homosexuality over a year ago, Foley denied it, just as Craig has through his spokesman. Of course, we know now that Rogers was right. Former Congressman Ed Schrock also denied the report about his gay sexcapades that Rogers posted about him. Curiously, though, Schrock withdrew from his re-election campaign at the last minute. Why? Because Rogers had incontrovertible proof. Rep. Kolbe, who is now implicated in yet another page scandal being investigated by the FBI, denied for years that he was gay until the Advocate magazine threatened to out him. He chose to come out himself. Rep. David Dreier's name is now just beginning to be mentioned in the mainstream press as a member of the Republican gay cabal. His homosexuality has been an open secret in Washington. Why was he passed over as majority leader, even after his name was announced as the successor to Tom DeLay? Because the religious right knew he was gay, and they would not tolerate a gay man as Republican majority leader. Why is Craig not speaking to the allegation directly? Because he does not want to go on the record denying what he fears will ultimately be confirmed. Why does his spokesman say he will not sue? Because truth is an absolute defense to slander.

The Republican Party and the religious right have a vested interest in keeping its politicians in the closet, as long as those politicians vote against gay causes. Anyone else, the radical right is happy and eager to smear and accuse of being, as witnessed by Sec. of State Blackwell's accusation against his Democratic opponent in the Ohio gubernatorial race. Finally, watch the videos posted on Roger's blog, www.blogactive.com, that show a very nervous Larry Craig denying similar charges in 1982. It was immediately after he was tied to a homosexual sex scandal in 1982 that he married an employee and adopted her children in order to create a cover. The only other "natural' move to deflect suspicion would be to become rabidly homophobic, which his voting record proves he did.


Dallas, Texas

Everyone in Idaho has for years heard the rumors that Craig is gay. Finally, the rumor is out--the disappointment is that the Statesman is too cowardly to report on this. Who cares whether Craig is gay or not? The fact is that he denies what appears to be reality and is so hypocritical to vote again gay issues again and again.




In last week's cover story, we mistakenly said that an Idaho rancher had offered a $5,000 reward for a pair of wolf ears. Actually, the individual was paying for a pair of Defenders of Wildlife member ears. Yikes. And a few weeks back in the Best of Boise issue, we made a pair of mistakesin the made-up category of "Best Place to Scumbag it Up: Les Boise Turf Club," we made a trifecta of mistakes. First, the club office's phone number is 321-0222 and their automated number to the track is 322-7223. Second, the new owners don't offer simulcasts of races in Australia, due to the time change--can't blame 'em. And third, when we said "let your paycheck ride on a raft of regret and cigarette butts," it sounded like we were saying smoking is allowed in the club. It isn't. The only thing getting smoked at the track is that horse we bet on.