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NYE Buffalo Field Campaign Benefit

Dec. 31, The Olympic



If you'd like to kick off 2018 with a bang, head down to the New Year's Eve Buffalo Field Campaign Benefit Party, a fundraising event at The Olympic headlined by local rock group Cerberus Rex. In an unlikely partnership, Cerberus Rex and five other hard rock bands—U.R.B., Laika The Dog, The Grand Ratking, Lucid Aisle and Grease Gun—have paired up with the Montana-based nonprofit Buffalo Field Campaign to raise funds for the permanent protection of the last free-roaming bison in North America. In addition to live music bringing down the roof for a cause, local artwork will be available for partygoers to browse and purchase, with all proceeds going to the BFC mission. Whether you're in it for the bands, the bison herds or the serendipitous juxtaposition, The Olympic is the place to be in Boise on New Year's Eve.

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