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Digital audio technology may have made the compact disc all but irrelevant years ago, but local radio--which for us means NPR 91.5 FM, news voice of the remote Nevada desert and the suburbs alike--seemed like it could never be trumped. Well, no more. We might finally have to give away our bright yellow armband walkmans, because podcasts of both local and national NPR programs are now available for download at the Web site Local programs available include New Horizons in Educaiton with Boise State President Bob Kustra, Food for Thought with Chef Doughty, Idaho Business Matters with Nancy Napier, Off the Trail with Jyl Hoyt and weekly agriculture-culture essays by Diane Josephy Peavy. Podcasts of national NPR programs like All Things Considered, Car Talk and Le Show are available through a number of sites including,, and, for a small fee,