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Now is a Time of Change


When things are bad you know it's time for a change. Your weight is spiralling out of control, your job sucks or perhaps you've developed a small addiction to something--donuts, caffeine, nicotine or heroin. You know you've got to do something. Nobody else will make a change for you. Others might be kind enough to point it out to you. Those close to you might even point it out in brutally honest ways--ways that make you feel great about it.

While it's easy to point out other people's faults, self-diagnosing one's own problems is often more difficult. Nobody wants to admit they might have problems or issues. The ego, carefully cultivated over the course of a lifetime, usually protects us from such self-degradation. But when the ego finally admits that change needs to happen, that it admits defeat, then it begins to figure out what to do. At least it should.

Now is a time of change. Although we didn't have a change in the highest office of the land, it seems just about everyone underneath him is making changes. Using the analogy of rats fleeing a sinking ship is not accurate. No one believes the administration is sinking. No, it's more like a half-hearted vote of no-confidence. They were loyal enough to the leader to hold out until after the election, to allow their boss to have a good chance at winning again. But, if he did, they all had plans on leaving. What I want to know is when they decided to leave. Was it last week? Last year? When their boss asked them to lie about WMDs?