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November 9, 2005


A dream is a short journey into the unconscious.”  — Diane Von Furstenberg

Dear Dream Zone, Last night I dreamt I was in a very old, large, white house.  I saw the head of a man, lying on the floor.  Later on I did see the rest of his body, headless, down the road. But I was in this house, and there was a song playing on the radio that reminded me of good memories, like on a lazy summer afternoon.  It made me feel sad. It made me want to run away. —Kimbra 23, Rapid City, SD

Lauri:  The severed head in your dream most likely points to a separation somewhere in your life.  What has come apart or what feels disconnected in your life?  Any break-ups?  Have you had to cut something out of your life?  The head also symbolizes your thoughts and ideas as well as your intellect.  Do you need to "cut off" a certain mode of thinking, an opinion or idea  or memory?  This may be where the song comes in to play, as it was all about days gone by.  The need to run away in your dream points to the need to get away from something in waking life, to leave something behind.  Any issues from the past you need to deal with so that you can move on? Kimbra replies: This makes sense to me now, as I think I am carrying a lot of issues from my past that I never dealt with properly.   My sophomore year of high school my parents got a divorce and our whole family fell apart, and nobody could be there for each other.  We just went about our lives. I don't think I ever dealt with those issues the right way. I hope now  that I am able to recognize this, I can deal with those issues!

Fascinating Dream Fact:

Be sure to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning!  Five minutes after the end of a dream, half the content is forgotten. After ten minutes, 90% is lost.