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November 9, 2005

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Last week's Food Review incorrectly stated that Berryhill & Co. is open for brunch on Sunday. Berryhill & Co. is closed all day Sunday.

I hate you

I picked up a copy of your magazine (November 2, 2005 issue). After reading editorials by Bill Cope and Ted Rall, I just have to respond. Are you guys for real? The phrase "left-wing wackos" comes to mind. This is off-the-wall ranting that just perpetuates the divide between political parties. You may have already heard this one, but I think it bears repeating: "If you're 18 and not a liberal you don't have a heart. If you're 40 and still a liberal you don't have a brain." I normally recycle newspapers, but this one just goes in the garbage can. You also must be very proud of the picture submitted by Tyler Bush. Very classy.

--Gary Hill,


Editor's Note: We have it on good sources that Tyler, a BW employee, is a republican.

I love you

I want to thank you for giving us all the opportunity to read Bill Copes' articles. I usually manage to read your newspaper every week, but I always turn to his articles first. I especially enjoyed his "Get Well, America" article. How refreshing to read a man propose that women's reproductive decisions are none of the male of the species' business! Yes! Get your own uterus, then you can decide what to do with it! Idaho is overrun with Republicans, but it is nice to know that there are still some thinking people here, too.

Keep Bill Cope and I'll keep reading the Boise Weekly.

--Victoria William,


I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed Dr. Ed Rabin's column (Antidote). His articles are the first thing I turn to every issue for a much needed laugh. What a marvelous sense of humor!

--Annette Manning

Heavy Metal Prison Blues

It is unbelieveable that this is a real article in a real newspaper. (BW, TRUE CRIME, "Headbanging Fugitive Alert," November 2, 2005) Is this some kind of joke? Where did this guy get his journalism degree?

Seriously, is this an album review in the middle of this article about a criminal? It seems to me like this journalist, if you could call him that, couldn't wait to bash Metallica for their newer material rather than reporting on a loose criminal.

To consider someone "armed and dangerous" because of a tattoo is ridiculous. All the connections between music, movies, and violence need to stop. What does it matter what this guy listens to? What does it matter that he's a Metallica "superfan," which happens to be the dumbest thing I've read in a long time. He is a criminal, no more, no less.

This journalist should be repremanded and the editor that put the paper through should be fired.

I am not a fan of Metallica's new material, nor am I a journalist of any sort, but Metallica's new material and my writing are both far better than the crap you're subjecting your readers to.

--Jacob Cappeluti, via e-mail

You may have criminals running loose, but this article just made me think more highly of Boise.

--Online comment from Youngkurtz

Louisville, Kentucky

Good article for the most part. But Dave Mustaine was also given partial credit on the songs "Ride The Lightning" and "Call Of the K'Tulu" which weren't on Kill 'Em All but their second album Ride The Lightning

--Online comment from JJLH,Boise

Voting Blues

When did picking a candidate to vote for become a research project? I spent an hour this morning reading up on the candidates for the city council election on November 8 and learned nothing of importance about them. I read about planning and zoning and the Ten Commandments issue, but these issues are not important to me. The real issue for me is will I be able to drink on the river without having to do it illegally. Boise Weekly does a good job of keeping this issue alive during a time when most people would rather roll over and let Mayor Bieter and his city council cronies do what they want, instead of putting up a fight. My complaint is that Boise Weekly did a good job of telling its readers in the November 2 issue which candidates voted to ban alcohol on the Boise River, but it didn't tell us where the other candidates stand on this issue. Who does a guy have to vote for to drink a beer on the river?

--Doug Paddock,


Editor's Note: Vote for me next time. I'll try to make nudity legal again, too.

More MAIL debate

(Comments posted to OPINION:MAIL online at www.boiseweekly.com on November 3, 2005)

"Anything--phone calls, e-mails, letters, comments on our Web site, even conversations on the street--are fair game for our MAIL unless you say it is not. Our rules have said this for some time."

'Not for publication' is pretty clearly saying it is not.

But you excerpt and print it anyway. What's the point of having rules if you don't follow them?

All other media outlets accept a standard format for letters to the editor and on-the-record interviews, and respect privacy for communications falling outside those bounds. Why should you be different? What virtue does the "Boise Weekly" possess (that I'm unaware of) that exempts you from fair play?

--Phillip Prindeville

Editor's Note: Because we're different. That's why. And we're definitely not a "standard format" kind of paper. You are assuming we are like all other media. If you have a conversation with me, and I don't agree up front it is a private one, then you have it with the readers of this publication.