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November 30, 2005


"The greatest book of study is that of your own, written by the soul upon time and space—that of your dreams!" —From the book, "Season of Changes, Ways of Response"

Dear Dream Zone, For 20 years now I’ve been dreaming that my ex-wife hurts me somehow. For example, last night she had become addicted to crack cocaine and was stealing from me while she was living with an old perverted prosecuting attorney (in reality she's a pretty solid citizen). These dreams usually screw up my day. —Albert 55, Rockingham, NC

Lauri: Twenty years of dreaming your ex is hurting you is a good indication you have not allowed yourself to heal from the emotional "wounds" caused by the divorce. When someone we know in a dream is not acting like they normally would, such as your ex being addicted to crack and stealing from you, it means they aren’t playing them self but instead is showing us something about our self. An addiction is the inability to let go of something, and your dreams indicate that you have had a hard time letting go of the pain. It must have been a tremendous blow to your ego! She was also living with an old perverted prosecutor. This means YOU have been living with guilt ... and like the prosecutor (whose job it is to find guilt), it's starting to get old. Your dream is trying to tell you that by living this way, all this time, you are only robbing yourself.

Albert replies: I think you hit several bull’s-eyes. I worked in radio and TV for many years. So when you say the divorce hurt the ego… yeah, it did. I was so vain, so foolish, so dumb, and was gone too much. It's only recently that I've started to enjoy life again. This was extraordinary!

Fascinating Dream Fact: If you get your recommended eight hours of sleep each night, then in one year you will have had 1,825 dreams!