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November 30, 2005

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In last week's SCREEN regarding the Extreme Makeover episode being produced in Sandpoint, Idaho the gentleman's name is Eric Hebert, not Herbert.

My own private radio

I wonder if you have heard from anyone else whose attempt to read an essay aloud on KBSU (a.k.a. "The NPR News Station") has been shot down by an insufficiently positive emphasis. I am a retiree who moved to Boise two years ago and have had some trouble, along with my husband, in making friends. I sent an essay to "Idaho Perspectives" called "Welcome the Stranger." A young man named Dustin (Justin?) phoned me and said, "We really want political essays--on popular topics--with a positive emphasis." He also said, "We thought listening to you read your essay would be draining for the listener." (I did not point out that living this life was somewhat draining, also.)

He also patronizingly said that if I wanted to try again with an essay "in a more upbeat style," they would consider it.

None of these "additional criteria" are mentioned on KBSU's Web site as part of the "rules for submission."

I think KBSU should adopt a new motto, "All the news that's perky, political and popular!"

It's a good thing they weren't the ones responsible for hiring Andre Codrescu, editor of The Exquisite Corpse magazine, whose recent reflections on the Katrina flood showed a most uncharacteristic verbal tremor and a possible choking back of tears.

--Patricia R. Sweeney, Boise

TV Idiocy

Are you tired of the nightly idiocy on Boise's major TV--channels 2, 6, 7 and 12? Have you ever been maddened by the total lack of "reality content" in their news programs? They're not just removed from reality, but spoon-feed you everything the government wants you to know.

Now the Statesman's another class act. The front page will headline the Broncos along with one of Kempthorne's photo-ops (his forte) with the latest on whatever emotional issues your local politicians are using to avoid solving real problems that affect their constituents.

Frazier's Boise Guardian has quickly become the best reporter of local news (it's free on the Internet) as Ted Rall and Bill Cope of the Boise Weekly (free) confront the corruption in Washingotn, D.C.

Why not have a few family nights (no TV) other than selected videos or channel 4? I get all my videos and DVDs from the local library for free. Stop buying the Statesman and let the publisher know that will be your policy until his paper stops using the front page for international news and local "emotional politics," which should be reserved for either 30 pages back or the trash bin.

--Joe Moran, Boise

An important message from boise weekly

It is time for you to join the modern age. If you are on your computer and regularly browse the Internet, especially if you take the time to read our online content--which includes browsable event listings far too numerous to publish in their entirety in this paper--then now is the time to learn about RSS technology.

The Boise Weekly Web site is now RSS compatible. What is RSS? It stands for Really Simple Syndication and keeps you updated on our online content when we update it. Simply put, it allows you to access our news, events and enterntainment stories and gives you the heads up when we post it. From news, to opinion, to live music listings and event listings for the next several days, you'll wonder why we didn't do this sooner. We wonder, too.

Simply go to www.boiseweekly.com/gyrobase/Syndication (or look for the little button on the upper right of the Web site) and follow the instructions. We're tickled pink about the options.

A second message from boise weekly

It is the nature of letter to the editor sections of newspapers for there to be "regular" contributors. While we do not promise that every letter is printed in these hallowed recycled paper pages, we sometimes publish them online. We have decided to work with some of our "regulars" to post their mail online under our BW Blogs. Look online for regular postings from these minds of high distinction. It's RSS enabled, too.