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November 3, 2004


roots rock and gypsy punk

Dusty 45's and DeVotchKa

There's a killer lineup at the Lux this Wednesday. First up are the honky-tonk, rock-n-roll Seattle quintet, the Dusty 45's, bringing their brand of twang, roots rock, swing and blues to B-town. If you were looking forward to their recently cancelled appearance at the Big Easy, here's your chance to catch their ultra-original tunes in a smaller venue. Second up is DeVotchKa, a band the Denver Post calls, "The best underground band in Colorado." DeVotchKa is the Russian word for little girl though there are no little girls in the band. However, their music isn't really music most little girls would get into--it's a gypsy-folk-punk creation from four musicians who play lots of instruments, only some of which include a sousaphone, an accordion and an upright bass. DeVotchKa is now touring to promote their new album How it Ends.

Wednesday, November 3, 9 p.m, $5, Neurolux.

Boise State showcases local bands

Face Off

It's just like reality TV with a soundtrack and a premise, but it's actually real and they may or may not be attractive. It's the true story of eight bands picked to perform in a room. See what happens when they stop being polite and start to Face Off. Bands include Short Sided, Red Mark, Chorum Deo, Paylface, Coco Pele, Switch Hitter, and there may even be a few more. Free T-shirts, and you don't even have to flash.

Wednesday, November 3, 7 p.m., FREE, Hatch Ballroom, Boise State campus.

cd release party

Travis Ward & Junkyard Bandstand

Once you see trendy and hard to come by goods sprouting up in displays at all-nite drug stores, you know the window for being edgy has passed. So it is nice when you have any opportunity to be ahead of the masses. Music is a particularly satisfying fad to be on top of, and it's fun to hear new music before it goes on sale at Rite-Aid. Now is your chance to do so with local artist Travis Ward & Junkyard Bandstand. Get an up-close peek during the CD release show for the brand new album Flowers Don't Bloom: A Spaghetto Western.

Thursday, November 4, 7 p.m., FREE, Record Exchange.

tail-shaking jazz rock

Garaj Mahal

Because of the name, a grandpappy-type might think Garaj Mahal is a band of youngsters with brand new amps oozing distortion in the empty car park of a patient parent's home. Nope. Garaj Mahal is the total opposite. These highly skilled musicians know how to put sounds together for a unique jazz-rock fusion that sets tails a-shaking. Or, in their words: "It is in essence a balance, sitting somewhere just between the concrete jungles of the urbanized areas, slopping with soul and gritty, raw emotion and the everlasting great plain of nature, a soft and sloping contemplative air of the infinite, sweeping out over the mountains and oceans until dissipating into the wind." Well put.

Thursday, November 4, 8 p.m., $8 in advance/$10 at the door, Bourbon Street Stage at Big Easy.

life after star search

Tom Taylor

So you're watching Star Search and your choice guy gets all the stars for the win. What happens when they go off the show, you wonder. Tom Taylor, a one-time Star Search winner, goes on tour to perform a set of some original music and some original cover tunes. Go for the tunes, have a snack and sip some of the best fair trade, certified, organic and shade grown coffee in Boise.

Friday, November 5, 6 p.m., FREE, BUZZ Coffee & Café.

rock 'n' roll still lives


With the rock 'n' roll market saturated with successful and decent bands, "standouts" are marked by a hit single, and those are a dime a dozen. Consider Shinedown a little more glimmering than the others; the quartet's 2004 debut album Leave a Whisper filtered through the shades, bearing three Top 5 rock radio hits: "Fly From The Inside," "45" and "Simple Man." They are touring with Future Leaders of America and Philadelphia's Silvertide, who after releasing their debut album Show and Tell in September, sat down for a cheesesteak sandwich. Then the quintet filmed a video for "Ain't Comin' Home," the first single off the '70s revival, blues-infused album.

Sunday, November 7, doors at 6:30 p.m., show at 7:30 p.m., $13.50, Big Easy. :