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November 23, 2005

The Final Solution•Too great for hate•Driving Mr. Baxter

The Final Solution

All right, this Metallica/True Crime misunderstanding must stop. I propose that from here on out, BW ban all sarcasm, symbolism, intentional misspelling and allegory. We need a paper that we all can understand. Füd News? What the heck is that? 8 Days Out? Out where? How about something bold and snappy like "Weekly Calendar." And no more art section. What do all those lines and blotches mean anyway? If a 5-year-old can't understand it, don't print it. We'll assemble a kindergarten panel to proofread every week. If they can't agree, then we'll ask someone like ... like me! I know what I like and what I understand! Or let the president decide. He's clear and forthright and knows how to keep it simple. After all, we don't want any BW readers left behind!

--Daniel Reed,


Too great for hate

As a foreigner living in Boise now for 10 years, I've come to the conclusion that this is not a great state. Oh, yes, the weather if fine, there are jobs to be had and the crime rate is below the national average. So why the complaints?

I have worked on three continents now, and this is the worst pay of them all. Yes, the cost of living is better here, but only just--and it's shrinking every day.

The crime rate used to be nonexistent when I came here in '95. It's getting worse!

I saw on the news the required wage income and we are right on it at $55,000 a year. My wife is a highly educated teacher and I work part time because we want to be there for our young family when they get home from school. I could go out to work and we would be better off but the kids would grow up with strangers seeing them more than their family.

Is this the American dream? And another thing, America's vacation plan is a disgrace. Over in Europe we get four to six weeks paid!

You are now already saying "Why don't you go home then?" If the weather was better and America gets any worse then I will. I hear Australia calling and America is not the country it use to be and Idaho pays its women the worst in the country. What a great state.

--(I'm scared to really give my name. As David Bowie says "I'm afraid of Americans!")

Driving Mr. Baxter

Here we go again. Traded a $28,000 vehicle for a $13,000 car? A vehicle once sold new can never be sold as "new" again. It's a law! So, the $28,000 Toyota is now used. Ever heard of depreciation? All new cars plummet like a rock. Period! It's now worth $20,000 to a dealer who must sell it as "used." Some new Focus cars sell for nearly $20,000. If Lithia is guilty then so is Petersen, right? Did they not sell the "poor judgement," "failing eyesight" gentleman a new car also? See, as usual, the senior Mr. Baxter is being exploited by your paper because his son is not happy with "the deal his daddy got," using him as a scapegoat for "the deal he got." It always comes down to money, folks. I'll bet I could've gotten a better deal on the $28,000 Toyota, too. Where was junior when daddy drove home with a new Toyota he didn't need? Why not ask Petersen why they didn't sell him a nice, clean used one and save him thousands? After all, he's not mentally capable to buy a car on his own, right? Now the Boise Weekly needs to apologize to Lithia for an article wrought with innuendo and half-truths. Its the right thing to do.

--Dano Savino,

(posted online comments to BW's NEWS, "Have I Driven a Ford Lately?", November 9, 2005)

Editor's Note: According to several car buying guides, a new vehicle loses 20 percent of its value in the first year. Upon driving off the lot, the biggest depreciation takes place, and, according to Kelly Blue Book, after a year of driving, the trade-in value of Mr. Baxter's Toyota RAV4 may have been somewhere between $17,000 and $20,000 depending upon extras and mileage. The MSRP of a new 2006 Ford Focus runs anywhere between $13,450 to $18,420.