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November 2, 2005


“Dreams can help in coming to terms with major events and in making difficult decisions in life.” —Elizabeth Mohkamsing-den Boer

Dear Dream Zone, I have this recurring dream that varies sometimes but basically I'm always trying to pull something out of my mouth. No matter how much I try and try and try, I never succeed in getting it out! Sometimes it's gum or something like it. A couple of times it's been hair in my mouth and I'm pulling and pulling but it seems to never end. I'm trying so hard because I feel like I'm in some sort of danger if I don't get it out. It's difficult to breath.  —Anastasia 33, Sterling, VA

Lauri: This dream is all about communication ... or lack there of! Are you the type, like me, that tends to hold your tongue, that's afraid to say something for fear of hurting someone else' feelings, afraid of confrontation, etc.? These dreams come to you when you need to "spit it out" already. You feel in danger if you don't get it out because your inner mind knows that it is unhealthy to hold back as it can cause unnecessary stress. These dreams are no fun, but they're good for you. Next time you get one, you know what you gotta do ... speak up sister!

Anastasia replies: Thank you so much! You are so right about holding my tongue. I'm always afraid to say something for fear of hurting someone else's feelings and I'm definitely afraid of confrontations. You nailed it.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Daniel Margoliash of University of Chicago has found evidence that young birds rehearse their new songs while sleeping. The brain cells that fire when birds make their first faltering efforts at singing show similar activity when they nap. "Birds dream of singing," says Margoliash. —from Nature News Service